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We have 9 verified DHGate discount codes and deals today that you can use to save money on your current or next DHGate order. More codes will be added for December 2017.

  • Valid until 30 Jun 2026

    Valid until 30 June 2026

  • Valid until 30 Jun 2025

    Valid until 30 June 2025

  • Valid until 30 Jun 2019

    Valid until 30 June 2019

  • Valid until 30 Jun 2022

    Valid until 30 June 2022

  • Valid until 30 Jun 2024

    Valid until 30 June 2024

  • Valid until 30 Jun 2023

    Valid until 30 June 2023

  • Valid until 30 Jun 2020

    Valid until 30 June 2020

  • Valid until 30 Jun 2021

    Valid until 30 June 2021

  • Valid until 30 Jun 2018

    Valid until 30 June 2018


DHGate Discount Codes Frequently Asked Questions

How can I use the DHGate Discount Code?

After you've done the rest of your shopping or you are just about to start filling your basket with products, you need to go to your basket or to the checkout page to use your code and get the products prices reduced. Try to find the voucher code box or alternatively it can be called something similar. Enter or paste the code into this box and after that click on the activation button next to it to make it work. After that you can pay your order and finish shopping. After you successfully completed your order you should get a confirmation e-mail from DHGate.


  1. Add everything to your basket.
  2. Be sure to add the products too that are needed for a certain offer.
  3. There is a box at the checkout page for the codes.
  4. Enter one of our DHGate Discount Codes into that box and activate it with the "Use code/Activate code/Apply code" button.

What discounts can I find on Vouchers4U for DHGate?

There are numerous types of discount codes can be available for a store like DHGate:

  • New customers can save 5-10% Off their first order
  • Save an X% Off your order value
  • Save an x amount of money off your order
  • Get a Free Gift if you buy something or spend a minimum value
  • Free Delivery for your order

We at Vouchers4U.com always try to update and display the latest codes and offers. Bookmark us and every time before you order from DHGate or any other store visit us to grab a great deal which you can use to save some money.

Where are all these codes come from?

We get the offers and discount codes from DHGate. With the offers we can inform you about the latest DHGate products and with the codes customers can save more, so they can buy more things for their money or they can get their goods cheaper than the regular price.

What if a code is not working or expired?

All offers and codes are continually checked by us on a regular daily basis, so they are removed when they get expired. Also, there are cases when DHGate did something wrong and the offers are not yet live or expired before the previously mentioned expiration date. In this case you can contact DHGate's customer support. The staff will happily look into this for you. You can contact them on the website or an even better, faster method is to contact them on the DHGate Facebook page or the DHGate Twitter page. They will get back to you in minutes.

What are the shipping/delivery costs?

You can find all information on DHGate's website. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and search for a link something like Delivery information or Shipping cost.

How can I track my order?

After DHGate dispatched your package they will send you an e-mail about the dispatch. In this e-mail you will find all the information related to your order's delivery. In the e-mail there will be a link or a tracking number which you can use on the courier's tracking page to see when to expect the delivery.

What are competitions?

Along with savings, many people like competitions where they can win free prizes if they like and share a photo or a post by DHGate. If you want to hear more about the upcoming competitions, then the best you can do is follow one of DHGate's social media pages.

Tested DHGate Discount Codes

IssuedCode DescriptionCode
15/12/2017store coupon for Electronic Cigarettes,save $5 Off $100 with code:2YVW9JTCCD,end on 2016.1.212YVW9JTCCD
15/12/2017store coupon for Electronic Cigarettes,save $5 Off $100 with code:GBL9TSSTUN,end on 2016.1.21GBL9TSSTUN
15/12/2017store coupon for Electronic Cigarettes,save $30Off $500 with code: J1CUT4YVLI,end on 2016.1.21J1CUT4YVLI
15/12/2017store coupon for Speakers,save $20 Off $378 with code:M3YD3OJDSK,end on 2016.1.8M3YD3OJDSK
15/12/2017store coupon for Speakers,save $28 Off $560 with code:MSFFIKVVWF,end on 2016.12.31MSFFIKVVWF
15/12/2017store coupon for Speakers,save $10 Off $200 with code:M980YDEDU5,end on 2016.12.31M980YDEDU5
15/12/2017store coupon for Speakers,save $5 Off $100 with code: 9925OJ9BAS,end on 2016.1.319925OJ9BAS
15/12/2017store coupon for Speakers,save $5 Off $70 with code: ZRZL1PGJMC,end on 2016.1.8ZRZL1PGJMC
15/12/2017store coupon for Electronic Cigarettes,save $75 Off $1500 with code: EB9P8IUTTD,end on 2016.1.31EB9P8IUTTD